Teen Girl Gifts

Teen Girls Gifts

1. A Tie Dye Kit

A tie dye kit is perfect for any creative teen! Tie dying is easy, reasonable in pricing and super fun. With this gift you could also purchase a white t shirt or any other white clothing item.

2. Duct Tape

No, I don't mean the gray tape you use for useful things. I'm talking about the colorful tape that teens love making stuff with. Duct tape is all the rage these days with teens. It's really creative and pretty much a fool proof gift.

3. Hair Tools

Hair tools such as flat irons and curling irons are perfect for youg teens. What teen doesn't want to switch up their hair style? With curling irons it's really easy to create beautiful curls and with a flat iron you can get that straight and shiny look. Both are great and teens love it.

4. A Camera

A more pricey gift, but nonetheless, any teen will love it. A camera would make a great gift for your photography loving teen! Lots of young teens love taking pictures. They might want one to take pictures with friends, create memories, shoot fun videos, or simply because they like photography! The only problem is if you get your teen a camera, she is probably going to want a SD card too so she can get started snapping pictures right away! I have a Canon powershot and it takes really nice pictures so I recommend that one to you (or your teen).

5. Music CDs

A wonderful gift. It's very reasonable in pricing, and what teen doesn't like music? Getting your teen a music CD definitely shows that you care. Try finding out there favorite singer or band. Subtley, of course.

6. A Pillow Pet

Even though these cute stuffed animals are targeted for a younger age group, teens love these. They're adorable and hey, they can be a pillow too. They come in so many different animals, choose the one your teen will like best.

7. Movie

You can't go wrong here. You can buy your teen a movie disc of their favorite movie, and most likely they will love it. Every teen enjoys a good movie every now and then.

8. Jewelry

Although most teen girls most likely already have a lot of jewelry, getting them a necklace, or a bracelet, or earrings is such a nice and meaningful gift. It will really show them that you care.