Wedding Gifts

Wedding GiftsGiving wedding gifts is customary, unless the couple tying the knot insist otherwise. For an occasion like a wedding, choosing a gift with meaning is difficult and not something which can be picked up over your coffee break. Selecting a gift for the couple depends on different criteria. Knowing the bride and groom helps tremendously so you don't end up picking something which they may never use.

Like any gift, the wedding gift should be useful to the couple as they start their new life together. Practical gifts are always welcome. However monetary gifts are accepted as well. Giving cash is seen by some people as taking the easy way out from the hassles of gift hunting. To the bride and groom however, the money might either help in the down payment of the house they want to buy or can even help with the purchase of a new car.

Making your wedding gift memorable to the couple who are dear to you is important both to them and to you. People often notice when you've taken the extra effort to find the right gift for them and they appreciate you even more. For example if you know the couples are avid basketball enthusiasts, get them seasoned tickets to a court-side NBA game. Or if they are water freaks get them surfboards. Your wedding gift ideas can also fall in line with the season in which the couple intends on getting married in. Suppose they decide on a Christmas wedding. You can give them gift certificates for stores where they can shop for each other. If they love theatre and plays get them front row seats for the latest theatrical performance. Of if they love fine dining, get them reservations and even foot the bill for a romantic candle light dinner at a classy restaurant in the city.

Getting gifts for a work colleague or an employer is a little tricky. You don't want it to look like you're getting minimum wage that you buy her a cheap inexpensive trinket; neither do you want it to look like you're taking home a fat paycheck each month. The best possible solution would be to chip in with other employees and buy an expensive gift from the entire staff. If however the boss is a personal and close friend, you can buy her something associated with work. Or if you know the boss enjoys music of a particular artist, you can buy her the complete collection of that singer.

And then there are those people getting married who are friends but not whom you have known for a long time or aren't really good friends with. There are many gift shops which sell generic gifts so you can buy them something to decorate their home. Household items make great gifts such as chinaware, elegant glasses, fine linen, crystal vases and figurines. Even a gift basket filled with bath essentials or a bottle of champagne is elegant and makes for an appropriate gift. When the couple looks at the gifts they received, they don't look at the cost, but they look at the feeling behind which it is given.