Gifts All Occasions

Occasions Celebrations are an enjoyable part of life. These special days highlight milestones in a person's life and accomplishment. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, or national holiday, taking the time to be part of a "celebration" is a privilege.

Gifts are usually part of any party and they are paramount when it comes to children being the guests of honor. Many people feel that it is the amount that a gift costs that leaves the best impression. While that may be true to some, it has taken a back seat to another manner of showing how much you care and what a person means to you. This new "wave" in today's economy, is simple - it is creativity and inspiration. If you are handy and can paint, sew, knit, or make things out of wood, then you have a store right there at your fingertips. If, you feel that this just isn't you, maybe you just haven't tried it out for size. Personalizing a gift is by far the more meaningful memento of any occasion. Store bought gifts are appreciated, but they soon find their way onto shelves and into boxes. It is that "special something" in a hand-made gift that stands out and is a source of joy and remembrance for a very long time. Hand-made is and always will be heart-made, but if you are a bit unsure of how to begin, then begin with what you can do. Going to tag sales or yard sales is a great way to "shop" for truly wonderful gifts. Keep in mind the interests and even the favorite colors of the person you are shopping for. When you see an object that "is just so" that person, let your creative mind take over and make it a one of a kind find. Embellishing is a fantastic way to begin "making special gifts." You can glue a picture, use sparkles, ribbons, lace, and even fish lures to create a special occasion treasure. With regard to those fishing lures, if you find an "outdoorsy" box or container, placing fishing lures or other sporting items in this special box, then decorating it to "personalize" it is all it takes to become part of this new way of celebrating. Ideas are everywhere and you can visit scrapbooking or crafting stores for supplies such as glitter, paints, and even emblems, monograms, and even insignias. Enhance your special find to fit the person it is going to, and have fun with it as well. Enrich it so that you make a point of just how special this person is and how great it is to be part of their lives.

Cards have always been "greetings" for special occasions and holidays. It seems that e-cards can be fun, but they are not the type of cards you want to store in a "treasure" box and check out once in a while when life just gets in the way, the way it has a tendency to do. Hand-made cards are not suppose to be difficult and only for the artistically inclined. They are choosing a picture or drawing that "means" something, or is symbolic of the occasion, and adding "your" greetings, your special "words" and feelings. When you use e-cards or store bought cards, some total stranger is making the "wish." If you, no matter your expertise at writing, adds a "memory" such as a special event, or meeting to individualize your card, this just adds more feeling to your "card." Photographs are sure-fire choices and even a favorite poem from a book you both might enjoy or even from a favorite movie or trip. It does not have to be "classical literature." It only has to come from the heart.

Gift wraps and ribbons - now here is a great way to add to the beauty of your gift. Wrapping a gift in a newspaper with the special day's headlines (only if they are uplifting), or even with a place mat from a favorite restaurant is first-rate. Ribbons can be plain that you have "added on" to with stickers, or sparkly add ons. They can be twine, lace trim, braid, yarn, or even a chain made from pine needles (great for that sportsman). The point is you match all the "extras" to the person and their interests, likes, and enjoyments.

People are unique and special - each one different. Gifts should follow suit. A gift from a store shelf will go to a lot of different people, but it is the same item to a myriad of personalities. Therefore, the gift is not highlighting the distinctive qualities of the celebrating person. It is a one size fits all instead of one of a kind delight.

Now is the perfect time to rethink gift-giving. It is the best opportunity to shop with meaning instead of wallet power, and to change your store bought gifts into true special day or holiday memories. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort, it just has to take quality time in looking for an item, and the effort of making it one of a kind.