Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary GiftsFinding a suitable wedding anniversary gift may seem impossible and hard work however there are so many high quality

Every year of marriage has a symbol or material associated with it, this article will bring you ideas for anniversary gifts that will keep with the tradition for some of milestone anniversaries

gift ideas for partners, friends and family member you may actually be spoilt for choice.

  • 1st anniversary gift ideas - the traditional 1st year anniversary gifts are made from paper. This could include gifts such as books (a romantic novel for instance), money, gift vouchers, a newspaper from the day the wedding took place, share certificates, tickets to an event or a holiday, a scrapbook with photos from the first year spent together. Alternatively you could choose any gift you desire and wrap it in paper to keep with the theme. A truly personal and unique gift is a gift of poetry, especially suitable because it is made of paper and can be uniquely written, thereby including the highlights of your romance, wedding and your first year as a couple.
  • 2nd anniversary gift ideas - this year of marriage has the theme of cotton or straw. Gifts ideas could include a pure cotton shirt, cotton sheets, personalized cotton towels, cotton underwear, cotton roses, and cotton jackets.

    3rd anniversary gift ideas - the third year of marriage is represented by leather. Gift ideas for this year include a leather belt, leather purse, briefcase, leather bags or a leather hamper filled with goodies

  • 4th anniversary gift ideas - Fruit and flowers are the symbol for the forth year of marriage making this year really easy to find gifts for. The most obvious gift ideas would be a bunch of flowers or a fruit basket however you could be more imaginative and buy jewelry or household items that contain either the fruit or flower theme.
  • 5th anniversary gift ideas - Wood is the symbol for this year making it easy to buy for a male and a little harder for a lady. You may want to consider purchasing a gift that both of the couple will enjoy such as a wooden piece of furniture for their home or a family portrait framed in a wooden frame.
  • 10th anniversary gift ideas - The tenth anniversary is celebrated with gifts that contain tin or aluminum. Gift ideas could include a tin or aluminium wine box, jewelry box, tableware and believe it or not you can actually purchase watches that are made from aluminium. Poetry can also be very suitable, creating the perfect opportunity to express your innermost feelings (and after ten years of marriage, those feelings may no longer be expressed on a daily basis).
  • 15th anniversary gift ideas - Crystal is the symbol for this year making it extremely easy yet sometimes expensive to buy gifts for. You will find endless ideas for crystal figurines, glasses and vases widely available in high street shops.
  • 20th anniversary gift ideas - The 20th anniversary is celebrated buy sending and receiving gifts made from china. Gift ideas include china plates, vases, cups, tea sets, hampers. Some of the gifts made from china can also be personalized.
  • 25th anniversary gift ideas - Silver is the theme for this year making jewelry the most popular choice however you could also look for silver photo frames or silver cutlery.
  • 30th anniversary gift ideas - the thirtieth anniversary is quite an achievement and has the theme of pearls, a pearl necklace or pearl cuff links are a lovely gift to give or receive.
  • 50th anniversary gift ideas - reaching this year of marriage is a huge milestone that has been given the name 'the golden years' and is commemorated with gifts made from gold. Gift ideas include poetry, jewelry, photo frames, gold roses, candlesticks or any gift wrapped in gold paper

Looking for anniversary gifts it is wise to set yourself a budget so that you do not spend more that you had set out to.

Remember the presentation is just as important as the gift so take the time to wrap your gift and present it beautifully.