Guys Gifts

Guys GiftsGuys love presents especially if it comes from the one who loves them very dearly like a girlfriend. In giving a gift to a certain guy make sure that gift or present has a meaning and is symbolic. Guys are romantic and very much emotional. Like girls too.

If you give are a guy, consider these:-

  • Books It depends on the book actually. It's okay as long as it's not stuff along the lines of chicken soup for the soul.
  • A Journal. He thinks, she understands. I'm in touch with my sensitive side. You're probably a writer, aren't you? You honestly believe you're a writer, don't you? Don't you wish it were true?
  • Crucifix or rosary. He thinks, religious. You want him to share your faith. Next thing I know I'll be going to church with her.
  • Hi-tech tool or gadget. He thinks, she's courting me.
  • Watch. He thinks be on time cowboy!
  • Beaded jewelry. He thinks, I'm significant enough for her to remember me while vacationing in a beach.
  • Something he wants but hasn't bought for himself. He thinks, this girl knows me very well. She accepts me for who I am, that being a male.
  • Pendant. He thinks, I am now exclusively her property.

    o Set of candles. He thinks, you're spiritual or mystical and she probably talks to tress.

  • Pet. He thinks. The two of you have begun building a surrogate family. Thinking of ming-ming the cat as your purring baby boy.
  • Fruit or home cooked meal. He thinks, her maternal instinct is kicking in.
  • Bath soap or deodorant He thinks what is this girl trying to tell me!

Last bit of advice there In the rare event that the gift is unappreciated, don't be crestfallen. Remember that gifts symbolize unconditional generosity. What is given should be given completely with no strings attached.