Grandpa Gifts For

Grandpa GiftsThere are many occasions to send gifts to grandparents. You can send gifts for grandma or grandpa's birthday, holidays, or for Grandparents Day. This article provides some grandparents gift ideas.

In selecting gifts for grandparents, one needs to consider their lifestyle and health status. The average age of grandparents in the U.S. is around 64, and about half is still working. So most are quite active, with about 43% exercise regularly or play sports. Based on these considerations, popular gifts for grandparents include fruit baskets, gourmet gift baskets, sugar free gift basket, golf gifts, fishing gifts, personalized picture frame and coffee mug.

Fruit baskets are healthy gifts appropriate for adults of any age. Fruits like oranges, apples, pears are full of antioxidants and fibers that help prevent cardiac diseases and lower cholesterol level. Some fruit baskets come with nuts, dried fruits, chocolate brownies, cookies and crackers for additional variety. For grandparents with no dietary restrictions, gourmet gift baskets are great choices. For example. you can send a basket filled with gourmet delicacies, including peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets, Bavaria summer sausage, savory smoked salmon, gourmet hot pepper cheese, delicious water crackers with a jar of gourmet mini mustard, roasted pistachios and snack mix. This gift Will be well received by grandma and grandpa.

For grandparents on low fat diet, you can send them a heart healthy gift basket. Filled with Planters mixed nuts, V8 Splash fruit drinks, Healthy Choice granola snack bars, tropical trail mix, lemon buds sour candies, grained mustard, low fat pretzels, low fat soy garlic and herb crackers, low fat vegetable spread and dip, and low fat herb vegetable crackers, this basket brings gifts of good health to grandpa and grandma. For grandparents who cannot have sugar in their food, you can send them a sugar free gift basket. This way, they can still enjoy their favorite treats.

As mentioned earlier, many grandparents are actively involved in sports. If grandpa plays golf, you can send him a golf gift basket, or a personalized golf gift. If he enjoys fishing, you can send him a fishing gift basket. If grandma likes to practice yoga, you can send her a yoga spa gift basket. The basket contains a fully illustrated Yoga book as well as an instructional DVD for beginners and advanced Yoga enthusiasts. The soothing combination of green tea bath and body enhancements (bath mitt, bath pillow, fingernail bristle brush, back scrubber, green tea foaming bath fizzies), as well as the aromatherapy candles and chocolate truffles will help grandma to relax.

If you prefer a keepsake gift, you can send grandma and grandpa a personalized picture frame, along with their favorite picture with you. They will be sure to treasure the picture and frame for years to come. Alternatively, you can send them a personalized coffee mug which they can use for their hot beverages.